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REFLECTIONS (PTA sponsored art competition)

Does your student enjoy art, music or dance or have an interest in writing, producing films or taking photos? Then join us and encourage them to unleash their inner artist with PTA Reflections! This year’s theme, “Within Reach,” calls for your students’ own unique interpretation through the arts.

Reflections Art Contest Awardees

Congratulations to all our Reflections Art Contest participants. Those who were awarded “Outstanding Interpretation” in their Category and Age Division have been forwarded on to the Fairfax County Council PTA for Council-level review. We’ll keep you posted if any of our Canterbury Woods artists advance to the District, State, or National level in this fun contest. In the Spring, we’ll showcase all our participants works and have a ceremony to recognize their achievements.

Outstanding Interpretation

Literature/Intermediate: Meredith Phipps, “When I Put My Hand Out”

Literature/Primary: Margaret Moreland, “Almost Mine!”

Photography/Intermediate: Sofia Carreno-Ariza, “Path of Peace”

Photography/Primary: Cooper Lee, “Far but Close”

Visual Arts/Intermediate: Hiroko Rose, “Working for Space”

Visual Arts/Primary: Lincoln Shin, “Peace & Love”

Music composition/Primary: Cooper Lee, “Almost There”


Award of Excellence

Literature/Intermediate: Keira Lee, “The Wonders Down Below”

Photography/Intermediate: Keira Lee, “Up Above the Ocean”

Visual Arts/Intermediate: Meredith Phipps, “The Meaning of Friendship”

Visual Arts/Primary: Karis Friesen, “My Dream of Stars in Reach”


Award of Merit

Photography/Intermediate: Barrett Pullen, “Adventure in the Wild”

Visual Arts/Intermediate: Grace Hartley, “The Sky is the Limit”

Visual Arts/Intermediate: Lana Hines, “Fire Dragon”

Reflections Art Contest – 2018-2019

Did you miss out on entering the Reflections Art contest this year. Not to worry…. you can start working on your entry for next year’s contest! The theme for the 2018-2019 year is Heroes Around Me. Start thinking now about your entry in the categories of Literature, Visual Arts, Music Composition, Dance Choreography, Photography, and Film Production. You can refer to the rules from this year’s contest, but keep in mind that some guidelines may change. Good luck to all our budding artists! If you have any questions about this program, please contact Patti Pullen